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This e-newsletter is intended to bring closer the CRC family in Africa as a forum for sharing information, experiences and challenges to pray for. 


Please submit (by clicking the button below) news items and various things you have been involved in, such as certificate or diploma student's training sessions and awards ceremonies, weddings, baptisms, children’s dedications and washing of legs events, etc. Also, news about open air evangelistic crusades you will have conducted, Word teaching seminars, evangelistic visits to prisons and hospitals, and events of helping the less fortunate in society. 


​We look forward to receiving your articles and photos so we can include them in our next newsletter. God bless you in your ministries as you are taking the Word to your communities, regions and countries

February Newsletter 2022

CRC Africa February 2022 Newsletter

December Newsletter 2021.png

CRC Africa December 2021 Newsletter

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CRC Africa 31 May 2021 E-Newsletter

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 10.41.18.png

CRC Africa 29 February 2020 E-Newsletter

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 10.40.42.png

CRC Africa 18 February 2020 E-Newsletter

Editor: Roslyn

WhatsApp Number: +61 413 299 462

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